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Missouri HOSA

I  Pursue Your Passion


Benjamin Ell, President

Francis Howell North High School

Hey Missouri HOSA! I’m Ben Ell, a senior at Francis Howell North High School in St. Charles. Interesting Fact: I have broken both of my arms; I fell while ice skating when I broke my right arm and fell off of the playground when I broke my left arm. I hope to become an orthopedic surgeon in the future. This year I hope to increase access to all of our events as some of them become virtual. Hopefully we can make them more available and still provide a wealth of information and a positive experience to more people than ever before. Feel free to contact me via email:  See you all soon!

Alex Norrenberns, President-Elect

Mehlville High School 

Hello everyone, it's Alex Norrenberns! I'm a junior from Mehlville High School. An interesting fact about myself is that I'm still undecided where in the medical field I want to go! As of right now, I'm thinking of becoming a primary care physician, but I will continue to research other options so I can be more sure. But in the meantime, I'm so SO excited and honored to serve as your state President-Elect. One of my main goals is to provide opportunities for you all to grow as leaders and help everyone love themself. If you have ANY questions, feel nervous about school starting, or anything else that I can help you with, please feel free to contact me! My email is Talk to you soon! :)

Barivure Yorka, Vice President of Communications

William Chrisman High School

Hello, Missouri HOSA! I am Barivure Yorka, your 2020-2021 Vice President of Communications. I am a senior at William Chrisman High School, where I also hold the position of Secretary for our WCHS HOSA chapter. After high school, my goal is to attend USC and major in Human Biology, then go to medical school! My career goal is to be an OB/GYN, specializing in high-risk pregnancies. Here’s an interesting fact about me: I LOVE cooking, especially when it means trying new things! I am SO thrilled to be given the opportunity to serve Missouri HOSA as Vice President of Communications! I hope to use my position to help you all find the best resources and opportunities around you, and to show you all that our physical separation does not have to stop us from accomplishing amazing things this school year!  You can reach me at    

Burabari Yorka, Vice President of Public Relations

William Chrisman High School

Hello Missouri HOSA! My name is Burabari Yorka and I am a senior at William Chrisman High School. I serve as the Treasurer of my local chapter and am Vice President of Public Relations on the State Officer team. This position excites me as I get to create fun, exciting posts on social media and work on expanding our outreach through this outlet. One day I hope to be an emergency physician. An interesting fact is that I discovered this career about four years ago through a show called Untold Stories of the ER (which I still watch)! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Missouri HOSA! You can reach me at

Kristin Leija, Vice President of Membership

Rolla Technical Center

Hi Missouri HOSA, I’m Kristin Leija, your Vice President of Membership! I am a senior at Cuba High and the Rolla Technical Center which is my HOSA chapter. In my future I want my profession to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. Some fun facts about me are 1. I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field since I was in kindergarten! 2. I have a cat and two chihuahuas! I’m excited about my position because it was the biggest reason why I ran for State Office. I want you as members to see if you use the opportunities HOSA has that you can grow into a better version of yourself! My goal is to have members grow through HOSA by setting goals and realizing that they have something amazing to give! I have to go now but I hope to hear from you all soon. My email is