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Hello Missouri HOSA,

The Goodies & Gifts fundraisers provide your group with a 100% touchless fundraiser. Your group earns 40% profit and the products ship directly to your customers. There are no minimum requirements and is completely free to start. Click the Start Your Fundraiser Now button and help your group reach their fundraising goals.

For more information, contact Heather Davis, Custom Resources Fundraising Specialist, at 660-492-3081 or

Abby Candles is offering both brochure and online sales options during this school year. Program highlights include:

  • Two (2) Fun and Safe Programs:
  • Brochure + Online Fundraising
  • Online ‘Contactless’ Fundraising
  • Raise Money, Lower Stress
  • Supercharged Sharing via email, text and social media
  • *NEW* earn 50% on all orders -- Web Orders Included!
  • Free Prize Program
  • Free Brochure Packets
  • Free Shipping* on web orders over $100 or 100 or more items for brochure sales
  • Orders tallied and packed by sellers – no sorting needed!
  • Earn Profits Year-Round -- Customers shop and support online at and you earn the profit!
  • 'Share the Light Bonus!'
  • Refer a friend, or group, and for every group that completes a sale receive a $100 Cash Bonus!

Feel free to reach out to Payton Johnson at 405-895-9957 or at with any questions.

This is the fundraiser for you, as because of this pandemic, everyone is need of first aid kits! Earn 50% of the funds raised for your Local Chapter through this online fundraiser. This 50% earnings goes until December 1, 2020, so as long as your HOSA chapter registers with us prior to that date, you are guaranteed the 50%.

In addition to that, we at Right Response are running 3 very exciting contests with the HOSA states that have endorsed with us. Find out more below:

  • Contest #1
  • Amidst all the endorsed states of HOSA with Right Response, the group that raises the most money will get the additional funds for this.

  • Contest #2
  • Amidst the 27 states in Missouri’s assigned region, the state that has the highest amount of income from fundraisers with us, will receive $150.00 for their HOSA Chapter to do as they wish with it.
  • Contest #3
  • Each of the Missouri HOSA Local Chapters will be 'trying to win' and raise the most money for their chapter, and the one that makes the most money will receive $75.00 as a thank you.

Email Sandi Burgess, Right Response Fundraising Executive Development Director at to be assigned a representative. Feel free to contact Sandi directly at 201-450-4504. Let’s make Missouri Rock!

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