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Missouri HOSA

I  Pursue Your Passion


The International HOSA theme for the 2019-2020 school year has been announced as “Towards Tomorrow”! HOSA is the epitome of a forward-moving organization; it acts as a catapult, launching future health professionals towards a brighter tomorrow. The only way it achieves this forward motion is by way of members who integrate its four core values: learning, leadership, service, and innovation. In previous years, the Missouri HOSA State Officer Team has added their own twist to the International theme. This year, however, the State Officer Team has decided that “Towards Tomorrow” encompasses such a magnificent breadth of concepts that adding another tagline to it would only muddle its meaning. With an open mind and a ready spirit, let’s work “Towards Tomorrow” together this year, Missouri HOSA!

The 2019-2020 Executive Council produced an outstanding video that you will want to view and share at your district and state meetings.  It is phenomenal!  See for yourself – 2019-2020 Executive Council Welcome Video.