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Missouri HOSA

I  Pursue Your Passion


Mind power directs one’s thoughts towards a desired outcome. What sets leaders apart from others is how the power of the mind is applied!

Tightly secured behind HOSA’s metaphorical vault doors lies the capability to succeed indefinitely. We’ve handcrafted an identity for 2021’s ILC theme to shed light on what hides within the gifted minds of HOSA’s members.

In this design, typography extends outward into an ocean representing the vast human experience. The bright lights illuminate the possibilities that lie behind what closes us off from our achievements – what limits our capacity for success.

With the power of one’s mind as the key and one’s leadership skills and work ethic as the force that makes it turn to push past all barriers, and UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL!

Download this year’s ILC conference logo as well as HOSA’s logo at