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                      FALL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE

Over the course of November 3-4, 2022, HOSA members from all across Missouri got together to partake in Missouri HOSA’s annual Fall Leadership Conference at Stephens College in Columbia. From learning about the foundations of a HOSA chapter to networking at a lip-sync battle, Missouri HOSA members gained invaluable knowledge in all the essential skill sets necessary for future health professionals. Members embodied the four core values for HOSA–learn, lead, serve, and innovate–while also incorporating the Ten Ideals corresponding to Stephens College throughout breakout, networking, and share-out sessions. On Thursday, students listened to four different breakout sessions presented by the Missouri HOSA State Officers, regarding topics such as social media, how to grow a HOSA chapter, the importance of networking, and leadership skills. Students also made HOSA heart boxes during dinner to spread kind messages to other chapters, which they later took to their local chapters to present to their other members! Later that night, members participated in a night full of fun during Missouri HOSA’s lip-sync battle! The next day, members listened to a presentation during a Learn Life Savers Workshop, where they learned more about organ donation and the importance of transplants. Following this, the State Officer Team presented how local chapters could create a program of work, and time was allotted for chapters to develop their program of work. The conference concluded with the State Officer Team presenting awards to ten (10) local chapter members who exemplified the Ten Ideals embodied by Stephens College. Overall, members who attended FLC gained meaningful insight into various aspects of HOSA. It is the State Officer Team’s hope that the members in attendance implement their newfound knowledge into their local chapter. Once again, the Missouri HOSA 2022-2023 State Officer Team thanks each and every member in attendance for this magical experience!

Ankush Vasireddy

Missouri HOSA 2022-2023 President-Elect

Missouri HOSA would like to recognize the student leaders attending this year’s Fall Leadership Conference for personifying one of Stephens College’s Ten Ideals. Like HOSA, Stephens College also embodies a set of core values called The Ten Ideals, which originated in 1921 and represent those values that enrich and inspire our lives. These ten ideals truly do encompass what we believe comprises a passionate HOSA leader. The student representative chosen by the Missouri HOSA 2022-2023 State Officer Team and the Ten Ideals include:

  • Saatvika (Savy) Nistala from Columbia Area Career Center
    •  Respect for our own dignity and the dignity of others, embodied in a sense of social justice
  • Joshua Poblete from Grain Valley High School
    • Courage and persistence
  • Katie Bartlett from Troy Buchanan High School
    • Independence, autonomy and self-sufficiency
  • Lucy Fister from Mehlville High School 
    • Support for others through the willingness to take and give criticism, acceptance and love
  • Rayanna Hersh from Van Horn High School
    • Sensitivity to the uniqueness and fragility of the natural world of which we are part
  • Lily Arndt from Troy Buchanan High School
    • Responsibility for the consequences of our choices
  • Allison Brace from Career and Technology Center at Fort Osage
    • Belief in our changing selves and in our right to change
  • Emma-Lee Forester from Rolla Technical Center
    • Creativity in the spiritual and aesthetic dimensions of life
  • Charlotte Anderson from Lex La-Ray Technical Center
    • Intelligence that is informed and cultivated, critical yet tolerant
  • Aldijana Selimovic from Mehlville High School
    • Leadership which empowers others
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