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The Missouri HOSA 2020 Virtual Fall Leadership Conference took place on November 6-7, 2020. This interactive event focused on outreach, growth and collaboration for the 93 participants from 19 Local Chapters who took part. The conference incorporated both pre-recorded sessions with live components including activities to accompany each presentation in breakout rooms per Local Chapter. Through the diligent, hard work of the Missouri HOSA 2020-2021 State Officer Team and through the willingness of all Local Chapter leaders who shared out openly throughout this event, the purpose of the Fall Leadership Conference was accomplished. Local Chapter Leaders were challenged and encouraged to cultivate leadership skills individually and as a team; learn useful tools to effectively manage a local chapter; and develop a local chapter program of work.

Alex Norrenberns, Missouri HOSA 2020-2021 State President Elect, has shared a recap of the conference.

Hi Missouri HOSA! On November 6-7, 2020, Local Chapter Officers from 19 chapters across the state joined together over Zoom for Missouri HOSA’s first Virtual Fall Leadership Conference (VFLC). The conference kicked off with an Opening General Session and virtual pizza party. Then, throughout the two days, the State Officer Team facilitated eight (8) different workshop sessions. For each one, members watched a pre-recorded presentation video from a State Officer or State Staff. Afterwards, breakout groups were formed to work on an activity about the workshop with the help of their Local Chapter and assigned State Officer. And finally, a share out session with the entire delegation was held to discuss the activities, bounce ideas off of each other, and share takeaways. 

The VFLC this year looked vastly different from how it did in previous years. Missouri HOSA State President, Benjamin Ell, recognized this, “The VFLC was unique this year in the sense that we implemented both recorded and live elements. Having the reliability of a recorded presentation with the interactiveness of a live activity allowed the conference to have a smooth flow and allowed Local Chapters to collaborate virtually”. Additionally, Missouri HOSA State Vice President of Public Relations, Burabari Yorka, recalled some of her favorite moments, “My favorite part of the VFLC was meeting all of our ambitious members! Seeing everyone enjoy themselves, work hard and learn was so gratifying. I love the interactions and meaning connections that were formed. Knowing that we’re serving them so that they, in turn, can serve their own chapter, school and community makes me so happy!”

As a result of hosting the conference in this format, there were many qualities to this year’s conference that have never been used before. But as an organization, we adapted and innovated new techniques to succeed. It made your State Officer Team so incredibly happy to see the massive amounts of participation. In fact, we felt that over the course of the two (2) days of the conference, there were massive amounts of personal growth within the members. As they collaborated within their chapters, with the state officers, and new friends they made along the way, they found new ways to create outreach and be successful during this school year. I am confident to say that this year, Missouri HOSA will be virtually unstoppable!