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The international HOSA theme for the 2023-2024 school year was announced as “Dare to Create”! This theme encapsulates the essence of innovation, determination, and forward-thinking that is crucial in the ever-evolving field of healthcare. In a world where medical breakthroughs and advancements are integral to improving patient care and overall wellbeing, daring to create becomes synonymous with pushing the boundaries of conventional knowledge and practices. HOSA members are encouraged to embrace this theme by not only excelling in their academic pursuits but also by daring to think differently, challenging norms and forging new paths that can revolutionize the healthcare landscape. HOSA-Future Health Professionals emphasizes the importance of nurturing a generation of healthcare leaders who cannot only adapt to change but also drive it.  Ultimately, “Dare to Create” serves as a call to action, inspiring young healthcare professionals to embrace their role as creators, problem solvers, and visionaries, all of which are essential qualities for shaping the next generation of healthcare providers.

Affiliated members had an opportunity to submit a brand design concept for both the 2023-2024 t-shirt and lapel pin to be displayed and distributed at the Missouri HOSA State Leadership Conference.  Design submissions were voted on at the Missouri HOSA 2023 Fall Leadership Conference on October 5-6, 2023, by the registered participants.  Submissions were encouraged to incorporate this year’s HOSA Theme.

Missouri HOSA is excited to announce that the submission from Sophia Li from Columbia Area Career Center was chosen as the winner of this year’s t-shirt and lapel pin design! 

10--Brand Design T-Shirt Winner.JPG
11--Brand Design Lapel Pin Winner.JPG
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