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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the previously scheduled Missouri HOSA 2020 Competitive Events Preparation Workshop has been canceled.  A Competitive Events presentation has been incorporated into the Virtual Fall Leadership Conference scheduled on November 6-7, 2020.  Additional virtual resources are also available at

First-Ever Missouri HOSA Competitive Events Preparation Workshop was a success!

Missouri HOSA’s first-ever Competitive Events Preparation Workshop was a success in every regard, thanks to the dedication of Missouri HOSA’s staff and the enthusiasm of its members, new and old. Held at the Governor’s Office Building in Jefferson City, the workshop was a full day of exploring the inner workings of Missouri HOSA’s State Leadership Conference. The ten chapters in attendance received an overview of general rules and regulations, participated in activities, and competed energetically in a game to test their knowledge. Then, after a lunch

break, students and advisors alike separated into small groups to actively learn about a handful of specific competitive events. Missouri HOSA’s State Officers, along with Missouri HOSA staff and volunteers, led engaging breakout sessions centered around particular events. Creative

Problem Solving, HOSA Bowl, Clinical Specialty, Physical Therapy, Job Seeking Skills, MRC Partnership, and Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking were the seven (7) competitive events that each chapter had the chance to experience and learn more about. The closing session ended on a positive note as all questions were answered, and members shared aloud what they learned. We are honored to have given you some essential tools to succeed at the fast-approaching 2020 State Leadership Conference. Missouri HOSA, you surpassed our expectations once again, and we can’t wait to see each of you grow in your chosen event. Good luck!