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Please see the message below from Tracey Singer, the University of Missouri, Columbia HOSA Treasurer.

Amidst a sea of unfamiliar faces, we were engulfed in waves comprised of every color. The rainbow waters boasted incredible diversity, tinged with hints of Hawaiian, Alaskan, Italian, Indian, and many others. The social aspect of this scene could only be described as a rather aggressive bombardment of greetings, introductions, and speedy promises for future encounters. While engaging in constant interactions with fascinating strangers, we also received the chance to attend various educational symposiums led by pioneering researchers at the forefront of their expertise. This unique academic and social opportunity was offered to us at the International Leadership Conference as early as high school, providing us with an incredible chance to both hone our own healthcare skills through events catered toward our own interests as well as gawk at the inspiring abilities of others. Thus, in addition to the close-knit relationships formed from regular meetings at our local chapter, there was also a plethora of opportunities to branch out. This competitive but stimulating environment was where we, alongside other passionate individuals, found ourselves most at home. This was why we decided to begin an active collegiate chapter at the University of Missouri, to hopefully propagate this opportunity to others who may be interested in meeting new people and becoming leaders in the global community through education, collaboration, and experience.

Now, we can happily say that with a very successful first meeting, Mizzou HOSA has come off to a great start! Our meetings are based on a monthly schedule, where we meet on the first Wednesday of each month. Each meeting we aspire to widen our members’ perspectives by bringing in different professional healthcare providers to talk about their careers. This past meeting we had a primary care physician, Dr. Jose, come in to share her experience in medicine. From medical school to life with a family, Dr. Jose informed us about all there is to living as a physician! During the meeting, we also planned our service project for the month, called “Knockout Pediatric Cancer”. This is a fundraiser where we allow students on campus to pay to punch a target, and all the proceeds will be going towards pediatric cancer patients. Overall, our first meeting was a great success, and we are very excited for the many more to come!

In the future, Mizzou HOSA plans to continue partnering with healthcare providers in order to let its members explore the wide variety of careers that are open to them. Some of the fields we plan to explore this year include therapy, nursing, emergency medicine, and research. Through this, we hope that members of Mizzou HOSA will learn what it means to be in healthcare, and will be closer to finding what best suits them. In addition, we plan to partner with charity organizations in order to have our members learn how to be helpful, contributing members to society. Some of the events we’ve planned include volunteering and MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital, participating in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s annual charity walk, and volunteering with the Institute for Multiple Sclerosis. Overall, our goal through these endeavors is growth for our members. We want Mizzou HOSA members to self-explore, find their places in the world, and become strong in the traits of service, leadership, and integrity. Hopefully, by being involved in a community where these qualities are essential, our members will become the best versions of themselves and have lifelong success in healthcare.

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